Monday, November 17, 2008


I was reading a fellow triplet moms blog. Someone had anonymously wrote some nasty and vicious things.

I can only imagine how she felt. That person didn't have the courage to sign their name to the note, they felt comfortable doing it anonymously though.

She had such an insightful blog about how she felt about this comment, but one thing stuck out in my mind. She said that sometimes people have to step on others to raise themselves up.


Haven't we all done that at times? And that's why I'm thankful about perspective. This is a good reminder to be the better person and not put others down.

I remember the first time this actually dawned on me. I was going to FVTC and there was a girl who didn't like me. She was calling me names, among those "fat".
It was actually quite funny because she was probably 50 lbs heavier than me. At that time, I was probably the skinniest I ever was in my life. So it hit me then that shes putting me down to bring herself up.

Interesting lessons we learn in life. I just hope I can practice them.


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