Monday, December 22, 2008

Odd behavior

2 year olds can be a lot of fun. They can also be very peculiar. I just noticed I don't blog as much about Matthew as I do John (especially John).

Matthew is a sweet loving, well-adjusted child. He's the child that you dream of having. Smiley, listens most of the time, low-maintenance, good sleeper. Low-maintenance is the key here. This kid just plays by himself, happily for long periods of time. Hes not demanding or whiney or clingy. And his disposition is so easy going. And when you ask him something, in his cutesy soft voice he says, "Yes, please."

John is not a polar opposite of Matthew, but in some cases you'd think they came from a different gene pool. John is full of joy, he's a leader, he's inventive, hes stubborn, he doesn't transition well, he seeks sensory input and he's demanding, whiney and clingy. (Look how he's hanging on to Matthew in this picture) Double click on any picture to see it enlarged.

John's latest thing is to act like a cat. He crawls through my legs like Cosmo does, rolls on his belly to be rubbed, Meows all the time, licks furniture (including refrigerators, cabinets, miscellaneous objects, and walks on all fours. I've even heard him Meow to get out of his crib. It is a little disturbing when you see so much of the behavior. He couldn't pick Diego or Dora to act out, could he?

Previously I had posted that Brooke has tendencies like a certain dictator in history. She is in charge and lets you know it by her voice. Its, "sit down, nooowww!" and "NO hittting!" and a lot of swatting done by her. And on the other hand, she can be quite loving and nurturing. She's very good about doing what I ask her too. Bringing things to the boys, picking up, helping. And she's very affectionate with me and has to give me hugs and kisses whenever I leave or just because. Brooke is going through that phase that she better get her way or else. The or else part can pain me because it means yelling, hitting and kicking. Also, she seems to always be yelling when she talks. Its always in a grumpy tone of voice.

Now, I don't think I model that behavior, do I? I'm sure she just takes my phrases and makes them her own, right?


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