Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A dirty word...

Sometimes I use the word Triplets when talking about my kids, but I feel uncomfortable using that word. Even after almost 5 years of saying it. I'll say babies (which I've been told I shouldn't say anymore), the little ones, the little kids, the preschoolers, the monkeys, anything but the word Triplets.

I feel like when I say "triplets" I'm bragging or drawing attention to myself or them. Because that word turns heads. Its saying I won the lottery, in a family sense. It also labels them. Groups them into whatever stereotype people put on triplets or multiples.

Sometimes I still feel shocked. I'll be doing something, look at them, and say to myself, "I have triplets!" Holy baloney Batman! God sure knows what he's doing and we're not supposed to question him... but triplets? for me? What a gift. I am humbled.

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