Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Chapter

I'm reminded of a song by Staind called, "Its been awhile" or at least those are part of the lyrics.

I've been lazy, I kept procastinating. Things happened and I thought, I should blog this, but I'll just put it on Facebook.

Tomorrow is a big day. The triplets start preschool. I have been waiting for this day, probably since the week we brought them home from the hospital. They need the structure, they need the interaction, they need to learn to listen, to play well with others, to go to the bathroom on their own. I need the two hour break just to be a better mom. And the biggest plus is that I can run errands on my own without having to ask family or friends to watch them. Even though I know they love them, I always feel like I'm asking a favor, or I'm inconveniencing them.

I've been dreading this day too because it means I'm not just a stay-at-home mom with little children, I'm an in-betweener. I've got all my kids in school, but not full-time. It means I run back and forth to school several times a day to drop off, pick up, and pick up again. It means I get four backbacks ready each day. I have to make sure that everyone eats before they get to school because we can't just come home and eat breakfast later. Shoes need to match, or at least be on the right feet. Books need to be read, folders need to be checked, all times four.

While I've fantasized about this day for quite awhile, I've also repressed the memories of dropping Jacob of for preschool. Its a time you can never get back, them being at home with you all day. It means that happy hour really does start after 3 p.m. and not anytime you feel like it.

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