Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation 2009

Vacation was filled with lots of firsts. Each of triplets caught their first fish. They seemed to like fishing off the dock. They also got their first tube ride before the boat. They didn't cry, but Brooke and John really didn't like the water spraying in their faces. Matthew was really relaxed and seemed to enjoy it the most.

The weather was very good. Warm, 70s, and only rained twice. The day we arrived and the day we left. The kids enjoyed playing on the playsets and running around. I put life jackets on them most of the time and they loved playing on the beach in the sand and in the water. It was just easier to watch them that way with their life jackets on. It gave me piece of mind.

Jacob was obsessed with finding out-of-state license plates. I got him a board that had a picture of the U.S. and then listed all the states on the back. You're supposed to check the state when you see it. He found 23 different states when we were in Minocqua. Thats amazing. But its a pretty popular vacation area.

I didn't have to stop at all on the way to Minocqua. It was a good 2 3/4 hour drive. But on the way back, Matthew had dropped his blanket on the floor while I was driving on HWY 29 and John unbuckled himself from his car seat and picked it up and gave it to him. I think I almost passed out. I pulled over and told him he had to stay in his car seat and he then thought it was a game. Brooke started doing the same thing, unbuckling herself when we were driving.
Finally, I had it with Brooke and we were in a parking lot going about 5 miles an hour. I put my brakes on a little harder than normal and she flew forward onto her feet and hit the seat in front of her. This not so gentle reminder has gotten her to keep her from doing it again. She wasn't hurt, just surprised. I told her that's why we wait until mom or dad tells you that you can unbuckle the seat belt.
I'm just getting over my migraine that started at 8 p.m. last night. I went to the doctor around lunchtime and he gave me some stuff to take when I got home. Luckily, my MIL and a friend were over and could watch the kids. For anyone who has had a migraine, you know how horrible it hurts. But when you're watching four kids who can't be quiet and are jumping on you, it really brings you to your knees. I'm glad the medication worked although I still feel a little fuzzy. A good fuzzy though.

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