Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going, going GONE!

Busy, Busy summer. We now have Jacob's T-ball games twice a week. He seems to really like playing ball and actually pays attention most of the time. At least for the moment he's not the kid picking grass in the outfield. But we've got 8-10 games yet to go, so I won't get to cocky yet.

Jacob asked me the other day how old he has to be to drive the boat. I told him 16. I think he's now required to take a boaters safety class anyway before he actually gets to drive on his own. Then I ran across these pictures of him driving. So I guess dad or grandpa let him drive. I'm sure its thrilling for him to steer the boat, but at least I know where the line of questioning came from.

I'm trying to pack for our vacation to Minoqua Wisconsin next week. Its hard to pack around kids because they take stuff out of the bins you just put in. Or they don't want you to pack the toys or throw a fit about something. So I have to be sneaky. Still challenging though. I have a ton to do, but decided to blog about it first.

Jacob cannot wait to go fishing at the cottage. I think Scott is not far behind him in excitement. I have a feeling that John will want to go with them this year too. We'll try fishing off the dock with the triplets and see how much they like it and how long their attention span is.

Either way, I'm still stuck with two kids and its really not a vacation for me since the kids now no longer nap and they are getting up earlier than I'd like. I have my fingers crossed that the weather is good and we can be outside.

I admit that facebook has been quite addicting. I love to play scrabble with friends (and strangers) on it. They also have great games and time fillers. Its also nice to chat with friends and people I haven't run across for awhile.

Well, I'm off to get the kids dressed and get something done.

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Following Him said...

He looks so cute in his little uniform. Glad he still likes T-ball too :)
Have fun packing for your trip & have a blast next week!