Friday, May 15, 2009

My baby....

My baby will be six is just a few days. His birthday party is tomorrow and he asked to decorate the house in the "flag" colors. How patriotic! But makes for cheap birthday party supplies when I have to buy just red and blue stuff.

I cannot believe that its been six years since he was last in my stomach. We were looking at a United States map tonight and Jacob was asking me what states he's been to. Unfortunately he's not well traveled, but its just two. Wisconsin and Minnesota. He pointed to several states that he wanted to go to. Florida because that's where two of his classmates went this spring break. He also chose Washington State (Anne, I'm sending him your way this summer), Maine and Nevada.

He was disappointed that he had only been to two states. Unfortunately on a state employees salary, we get great benefits, but the pay isn't so great. I did explain to him that when he was in my stomach, he traveled to Nevada, Michigan, and New York. He thought that it counted then and now its five states he's been to.

Funny how a young man thinks.

Happy Birthday baby. And many many more!

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BoufMom9 said...

It's so darn hard when our babies grow up. I hate thinking about it!
My daughter Stephanie will be FIFTEEN next week! UGH! 15! It's shocking how fast it flies by....