Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Faux Paus

Did you ever just have an embarrassing moment and really wish that you could rewind time? Luckily I can laugh at myself most of the time because well, I think God has a pretty good sense of humor and is looking down at me laughing too.

Some of my more memorable moments.

  • When I walked into a pole at work after just coming back from Cancun in 1995. Two of my co-workers witnessed it. I was hungover and wasn't watching where I was walking.
  • When I showed up for a job interview for the above job late because I had come to work that morning with one black shoe and one navy shoe.
  • When I walked out of the bathroom at the old Shakey's with toilet paper coming out of my pants. Scott and our friend Aaron were there to witness that incident.
  • Last Sunday when I went to Jacob's t-ball practice with my shirt inside out and didn't notice it until I got into the car AFTER practice.

Yeah, Scott, I know you're saying I told you so. We have this argument that has been going on for oh, 10 or so years. He thinks I should turn my shirts outside in (the right way to wear them) vs inside out. After years of analysis and agreeing to disagree, I've found that I take off my shirts from the bottom and they end up inside out in the wash. And they stay that way when they are in my closet. I usually don't look too much in depth when I pick out a shirt, just one that is complimentary to my pants. So, this is why I wore an inside out shirt and why everyone who was sitting behind me probably wondered what the heck is with THAT woman.

The triplets are driving me NUTS. O.K. truthfully its just Brooke and John, but I think in general its three things. They are 3, they are out of their cribs and they have stopped taking naps.

I am about to tie them down at bedtime. I'm so sick of Brooke getting out of bed and turning the light on or shutting and opening and shutting the door over and over. No amount of angry glares, shushing, yelling or swats stops her. Same thing with John. He bounces on his mattress, is running around the room, wrecks the blinds while looking out the window and makes it really hard for Matthew to fall asleep. And then on occasion, Matthew will join in on the foray and then everyone gets yelled at. Tonight it took 90 minutes for everyone to get settled.

By the time they go to bed, I am ready for peace and quiet. Three has been very challenging so far. Its not like I can put a shock collar on them and hit a button when they don't listen or run out of the yard. Its really wishful thinking and I would probably get social services at my door.

Then tonight as Brooke came out of her bedroom because she was wet, I changed her diaper and went into the bathroom to wash my hands and use the facilities. I look to my left, the wall, and right next to the toilet paper, is this (cringing) big gigantic thing. Its not moving. Its got about 50 legs and this really long body. It was so freaking scary I almost peed in my pants. Good thing I was already in the right area. I squashed it and flushed it down the toilet. And when I squashed it, I could feel the meaty part of the body breaking. Ewww. It was so big that I think it would supplied enough protein for a small child.

Kids are sick. Matthew got sick last monday night with a fever and cold, then Brooke with a cold, and then John with a fever and cold who still has one and then Jacob with a cold. Scott is also got some type of bug. I'm the last one standing.


BoufMom9 said...

ewwwwww... that sounds creepy! Glad you got that creepy crawling. UGH!

ps Thanks for the giggles. i LOL at your stories :)

Angela said...

Even I shivered at your bug. UGH.

Swine Flue at teh Callaways??

Anonymous said...

Actually, when Jean takes off her shirts they are all inside out except one arm....I think. I just know it's really weird and I have asked her many times over the years to take them off different or turn it right once it's off, but......I used to turn it right, now I wash and hang it up the way she takes them off. I thought that would change her habits, but I was wrong again. Oh well, the quarky things we do....but I don't feel bad when she wears her shirt inside out......Scott