Monday, November 8, 2010

Heavens on Fire

Did you ever hear a song and have a picture pop into your head? I was in the car - without my IPOD - listening to the radio and Heavens on Fire by Kiss came on. Immediately I saw some poor fellow in the elevator on his way down to hell. Didn't repent before he died and was thinking that this elevator with red lights, chrome interior wasn't so bad. Tapping his foot to the music, he starts to sing, "Baby don't stop, take it to the top, eat it like a piece of cake. Feel my heat, taking you higher, burn with me, heavens on fire!"

He pictures orgies and other dark images and when the doors open he is blasted with ... not sure. Haven't come up with the perfect song to describe hell. I'm thinking Fade to Black or One by Metallica. (Of course I couldn't resist a Metallica plug) How can one describe something that is so utterly and horrible miserable? Probably a country song. I'll post it when I hear it though.

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Angela said...

Come on ... country isn't THAT bad!! Give me a Yee Haw!!