Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A shortfall

I cannot believe that I am blogging three days in a row. But I had nothing short of an epiphany today.

As the kids and I were watching this Heroes of the Bible story about Jesus's birth, I realized that I wasn't doing my job in raising them in a Christ-centered environment.

I think I'm still in survival mode. They get fed, they have clean clothing, I read to them, sometimes I play with them, I take them to swimming lessons and other activities. But at a cost to my own being. Its not always fun, its usually stressful, but its necessary.

I realized the triplets had not been to church since the middle of October. Or at least thats what I last remember. I have been to church several times with Jacob, but I don't take them. Its too much work, I don't have enough hands, and I don't hear the sermon at all.

Things need to change. Christ is the center of my life (or should be) and it should be theirs also. I need to take the time to take them to church, sing songs with them, go to sunday school. Now that they are mostly potty-trained I can sign them up for Sunday school. They'll get the interaction they need with other kids and learn about Christ.


Cindy (and Brian) said...

I totally identify. Survival and nothing more is how we've been living. I haven't been to church for a couple of weeks myself and I can't tell you when the last time I took the kids. I am waiting til they are totally potty trained to worry about it but I still need to get with it as far as LIVING IT at home. *SIGH*
This is especially hard b/c my DH is NOT a Christian. Long story. Another day.
Anywho, you're doing great...don't be hard on yourself. God knows your heart. A little at a time!

Anonymous said...

I encourage you to take your kids every Sunday, no matter what (unless they're sick, etc.). God does know your heart, but it's vital that your kids not only hear God's Word in a church-setting, but also get used to sitting every week, knowing the hymns/liturgy, etc. I know it's tough. I know it's difficult. I've been there and wondered why I brought them. But it's important to do it for them. We've brought our kids every week (for the most part) since they were born and it's greatly helped strengthen their faith. It's amazing what the Holy Spirit can do! I'm sure you're a good Christian parent, so please don't take this post the wrong way. God bless!