Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do unto others as they would do unto you (or something like that)

One of my pastors puts out daily prayers. This one was just perfect for me.

PRAYER: This can be so hard, Jesus. Not as much with the ones I love or even with strangers, but it's extremely difficult to do for that person who hurts me, who rubs me the wrong way, or who has lost my respect. It's so tempting to turn around and be uncharitable, insulting, and vindictive - treating that person in a way I think he deserves. Forgive me for when I do that. How quickly I forget that I deserved to be treated this way by you. As much as others offend me, what my sins do to you is infinitely worse. Yet you love me! You died for me! No matter what others do to me, help me always to love them doing to them as I would have them do to me. Amen.

I've been dealing with someone who isn't my biggest fan. Rumors are spread, false truths, made-up stories, etc... and its so hard not to fight back and defend myself. Instead I've just been ignoring it hoping it will go away. I'm hoping that my actions of silence speak louder than anothers words.

I've tried to figure out why there is an "I Hate Jean club" and here's what I've come up with.
1) I say whats on my mind and that is unsettling to people
2) I am a pretty organized, driven individual and I think it intimidates people
3) Some people need to raise themselves up by putting others down
4) Some people are so miserable that they want to make others miserable
5) Absence of God in their life...

I can laugh about it now because I know its not true and God knows its not true and I'm trying to be sincere. But its hard. Because its fun to be catty, but its a bad example for my children. Sigh.

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Following Him said...

Seriously?! Who in the world would make up such a MEAN club??? You are an awesome mother who does her BEST each and every day!
HUGS sweet friend!